405. Marion, Crittenden County (AR27)

Apparently obedience to the law is effigy? I’ve seen very similar courthouses before, but never identical ones before! A new one on me as far as I’m aware. Of course, to be absolutely sure, I’d have to go back through all the photos to figure it out because some of them are so similar that I can’t tell if they’re identical or just variations on a theme.

So, at GZ there is one heck of a painting. I think I had heard of the Sultana before, but certainly never knew anything about it. Of course, much like C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley, its fiery demise was overshadowed by greater events. And I never saw it portrayed so vividly so kudos to the artist, whomever they might be.

And look what was hanging on the back of it! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a cache like it, though it’s hardly muggle proof with the cables and all. Then again, how often does anyone go behind the painting? And I’ve long noticed that people without imagination rarely look up. I brought the halyard down, did my business, and then ran the halyard back up. Done here, I got ready to get rolling again because soon I needed to be in…

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