406. Osceola/Blytheville, Mississippi County (AR28)

Osceola presented an interesting little conundrum. Yes, there was enough ambient light to take a picture, but it was still low and I didn’t know if the lights strung on the building would interfere. As you can see from the photo, it was passable, but not great. Those lights did not help and the street lamps around the building were so bright that other methods weren’t going to work. I guess it was good enough for government work, though. I will do what I am not exactly renown for doing: I will let it go. Blytheville, on the other hand, seems to only be an annex. Part of me was hoping it would be a true courthouse. Actually, as you can imagine, I was hoping there would be “true” courthouse in every second seat like here or back in DeValls Bluff. I also realize that that’s a lot of extra expenditure that wasn’t necessarily required. Not the best use of resources in a county that isn’t swimming in cash.

Technically, all this isn’t about courthouses, it’s about caches. Except it’s totally become about courthouses, too. Again, welcome to the hypocrisy that I live some days! The cache was a little magnetic thing attached to a stop sign. Simple and to the point, and enough for me to get out of here to…

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