407. Caruthersville, Pemiscot County (MO001)

Oh, Missouri!

This is not my first time in Missouri. A couple of years ago I was up here for the eclipse. Before that, I spent a weekend in Springfield visiting friends. Before that, I spent some time at the one and only Fort Lost In The Woods doing basic training. Traditionally, I have held that, if given the choice between beating yourself over the head and going to Missouri, hit yourself, it’s easier. As I have grown older, I realize that that may not be entirely true, or perhaps it actually is true, but for localized circumstances. That said, sunrise in Caruthersville has been lovely. The courthouse was quite nice, too. As I sang full throated and took my photographs, fighting the chill surrounding me, I remind myself that the Missouri isn’t always the nightmare I always thought it was. But the day was early and who knew what could happen?

The cache itself was simple enough, a nano on a light fixture at a local war memorial. I’m actually quite glad I found it because I accidentally logged it before I found it. You ever have one of those moments where you’re stumbling with your phone and you accidentally do the correct presses to do something terrible? I once deleted four years of text messages that way. Well, I did the same pulling my phone out my pocket. Accidentally logging, not deleting texts, I mean. I signed and then went back to the car to log trackables and whatnot and then sped away in the sunlight, soon to reach…

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