302. Tucumcari, Quay County (NM03)

How many courthouses have I seen in the Panhandle exactly like this? I could probably go through the archives and count, but that smacks of effort… Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have any monuments to speak of, but that’s OK because Tucumcari has two things on its side here: first…

…it’s a stop on the one and only Route 66! Second, it signals the completion of a challenge I picked up back during GeoWoodstock so long ago. I finally got my Q county! Which is good, because NYC and DC were out of the question, though Memphis might have been possible… But that doesn’t matter because I have it now!

I ended up picking up the cache on the way into town. I found the bison tube attached to the chain link fence and did the necessary before stopping for a minute to take in the view.

Those are some wide open spaces. It’s a little strange because Texas has open terrain like this, but here in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, it literally feels like everything exists just for you: the sky, the plains, the road (which is why I made up a lot of time coming up from Portales [that and the speeding {don’t tell the cops <nested parentheticals for the win!>}])… And with the road being so empty, the spaces so remote, it leaves me wondering why New Mexico doesn’t have better speed limits than it does, but that’s ultimately neither here nor there. I set off again after gassing up and grabbing breakfast, hoping to make up a little more time that was lost earlier, taking me from the relatively urbane, small town, touristy streets of Tucumcari to the quiet and deserted streets of…

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