301. Portales, Roosevelt County (NM02)

This courthouse reminds me so much of West Texas it’s not even funny. I guess it just confirms the idea that West Texas is basically southern New Mexico.

I’m also noticing that this is the first time in a while I’ve got a lawn full of monuments to see instead of just the building and grass (and sometimes not very much of that, either). But there is more important work to be done here…

The first attempt was in an alley and I’m not entirely sure that it was there, but whether it was or not, I didn’t find it. The second was super simple but I couldn’t see it and I’m not sure it was there. The third was definitely gone, as was the fourth and the fifth. On one level, out here in the middle of nowhere is not the place for me to suck at Geocaching. On another level, maintain your caches, people!!! I was losing so much time out here! I ended up finding an LPC at a Wally World. I had hoped for something more interesting and closer to my original route, but a cache is a cache is a cache. And, on a more local note, what is up with all the flying ants?!? Are you kidding me? They were swarming everywhere! They literally chased me out of the county! I fled as quickly as I could, swatting away the winged fiends, forcing them out of windows as I rapidly escaped, heading north to…

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