273. Oberlin, Allen Parish (LA18)

I would have thought this would be a slightly more wealthy parish than Beauregard (more on why I thought that in a minute), with more theoretical ability to do something more with their environs here. But I was quite wrong. Allen Parish is just barely out of the bottom 10 poorest parishes. But they do have a more recent war memorial…

…or at least a more recent update to it. So there’s that. Louisiana is a poor state. There’s no getting around that. Fourth poorest in the country and no parish has a per capita income equal to the national average (side note: Texas highest was…surprising). Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what to do about it. I’m not an economist, and even if I was, I’m pretty much convinced that economics is slightly more art than science. Scratch that… It’s more like battle. The generals on the hills can make sound and tested and even brilliant decisions and choices, but few plans survive contact with the enemy, and on the field, the battle can be swayed by a hundred seemingly insignificant things that nobody could possibly plan for, minutiae beyond the hope of foreseeing. Yeah, that’s economics in a nutshell. Harry Truman once said that he wanted a one armed economist because every time he asked a regular economist a question, they would always reply “On the one hand…but on the other hand…” No, that’s not entirely salient to this discussion, but when am I ever going to get a chance to tell my one economics joke here?

Welcome to Coushatta, the (regionally) famous casino and resort, the largest in Louisiana. Surely some of the bucks it’s making flow through parish coffers, but I guess not an amount sizable enough to change their fortunes. Thus is life. As you can tell, between here and the courthouse it started to rain because I can’t go on a trip without it raining. Why am I here? Because someone was kind enough to put a cache in the back parking lots behind this place. The cache was grabbed, signed, and returned; and then gas and snacks were acquired for the trip to…

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