272. De Ridder, Beauregard Parish (LA17)

Lovely, don’t you agree? Yes, a bit high schoolish, but in a more stately way, perhaps more collegiate. But at least they had something more to here to see…

…but, again, nothing like in Texas. I’m starting to get curious: are these courthouses more sparse because Louisiana has less money? If that’s the case, places closer to the Mississippi should be more ostentatious because of trade flowing up and down the river. OR is it because of space? Texas definitely has more space, therefore larger grounds and more room to place things. OR is there some kind of cultural thing that I’m not keyed into that I’m missing? Considering I’m more immersed in one culture and not the other, that might be a bigger hurdle for me to notice. OR is it a combination of multiple factors? OR things I haven’t even thought of? Maybe there’s no point in being too extravagant when your state floods all the time? But Texas floods so that might not hold up. My point here (and I do have one) is that that’s a thought for some reflection and, perhaps, even study. But I’m going to have enough trouble finding books on the architecture of courthouse to begin with. Finding one on the psychology of courthouse layout and monument placement? That seems a little hyper-specific, don’t you think?

The cache was a little magnetic tipped doodad, stuck up behind a stop sign on a tucked away street. Not included in this photo was the freshly painted Battle Flag on the green wall facing the back of the stop sign bearing the all too familiar motto “Heritage Not Hate.” We all know where I stand on that divide. I did the needful (note trusty tweezers in hand) and then replaced the cache, which took forever because somehow I just couldn’t get the magnet back to touch the appropriate bolt to stick up there. Eventually, I just had to jam it in place and hope it stayed. I did what I could, but time waits for no man and, quite honestly, I just wanted to get going again. I mounted back up and got moving again. I wouldn’t be able to get as much done as I hoped today because I had to get back home earlier than I had originally intended. But there was a little time so I flew down some mildly troubling back roads until I made it to…

2 thoughts on “272. De Ridder, Beauregard Parish (LA17)

  1. The world is waiting for you to write your bestseller on the psychology of courthouse layout and monument layout! No one has done as much primary research as you!


  2. Some of it might depend on how developed the county seat (or parish center) was before the courthouse was designed. I’m in a rural county of New Hampshire and we have a big brand-spanking new courthouse in an area by the county farm. That replaced the smaller courthouses in most towns of the county, but since we hadn’t been developed there was space for it. If an area was more developed, they probably had to fit it in where they could and how they could. I noticed that with schools when I drive around. Some of them look like boxes plopped down and others had some real thought put into them.


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