A Little Bit Local

I’m lucky to live in a good sized city where there is an active caching community.  I’ve been to a few places that have next to nothing cache-wise (Halletsville, I’m looking at you) and certainly not enough to make it possible for long periods of time without lots of travel.  I guess that’s really any city of decent size, I guess.  San Antonio and Victoria are well covered.  I haven’t hit Houston or Dallas or any of the other smaller cities (well, alright, Waco sort of).  I guess I’m really just glad I’m here and have opportunities to do this thing I’ve come to enjoy.

So, as you can see, there’s an old Army ambulance up there.  I ended up grabbing one at an Army/Navy surplus store.  Grabbed a little unicorn trackable with very little travel on it.  

This was an unexpected little trail about a hair off of Congress Avenue (Downtown Austin).  It’s the end of a street that that never got continued.  There’s a decent sized jar off the trail hidden under some sticks and a little further back down the trail, there’s a cache hidden at an really cool mural that I’m going back to another day.

This one was near Austin Community College on this long set of stairs.  There were a couple of muggles, two young college students who looked like they might be having an almost romantic moment on the stairs.  I was waiting for them to move and they were waiting for me to move and, eventually, they sauntered off.  My “creepy old man” beat their “aimless young kid”, I guess.  You can see an athletic center over there, but until a few years ago, the wooden ruin of the first athletic club in Austin stood nearby.  That would have been a great urban adventure.

This was at the end of a mystery cache.  Had to find a bunch of Harry Potter monsters and use them to figure out the cache location.  You can see two cranes in the photo, but there was another brown one that took me forever to notice.  I’m not even sure I got it in the photo, but it was there.  About 200 feet behind was a homeless camp, setup just beyond the tree line.  

Lastly, here is a YARN (Yet Another Road to Nowhere) like any other, hidden in the center of one of the nicest, oldest neighborhoods in town.  Really, there’s nothing particularly special about this one.  I just remembered to take a photo of it.

Lastly and obviously, I made it back from my little road trip.  I’m writing about it as we speak.  Ten counties and a few lessons learned.  But that’s the next bunch of entries.  Keep watching this space.

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