And The Other Lent A Hand…

This time, as can be seen from the hands, my other daughter got in on the action. This one had even more guest stars than usual since we ended up dragging my niece (their cousin) along for the ride. But my oldest was the one who made the find. It’s nice to know that some of the babbling I do goes in one ear and actually stays there. But that’s something for another time.

It’s finally here! When I get done with work today, I’m heading to Conroe for the Texas Challenge! It feels like it’s been forever coming, but it’s finally upon us. I originally planned to leave Thursday morning, but the girls are going home today, and I’m taking them halfway there, which puts me close. There doesn’t seem to be any point in driving five hours back to Austin to get a few hours of sleep and then on to Conroe, when I’m going to be an hour and a half away when I hand them off. So, I’m going to be there about 12 hours earlier than originally planned … That just means that I had to spend last night and today finishing my packing and preparations. When I next post, it’ll be from my hotel, recuperating from whatever shenanigans I got into with people and preparing for the big show on Saturday!

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