With Special Guest Star!

This being Spring Break, I have some caching guest stars, namely my daughters, visiting from the wilds of L-Town. Well, sort of, anyway. I often drag them along to find caches with wavering amounts of interest. As some of you with kids have no doubt figured out, once they start getting older, unless they’re really into it themselves, they seem to lose the taste for it. I have two daughters, both pre-teens. The older of the two often opts to stay in the car or on the path to avoid trees, getting dirty, or some such. The younger of the two, pictured above, often prefers not to, unless climbing a tree is involved, in which case she’s up for whatever craziness. I’m more than happy to let her do the climbing for her old man (within a certain amount of reason, of course), as I’m not tree-climbing folk. In this case, no climbing was required. I have the feeling that soon, she will emulate her older sister. When the day comes, it won’t be the first time.

Children or not, the caching continues. In a few days, I’m off to Conroe. But before that, I’ve got an Event I’m hoping to make. I’m normally not good with early morning Events, but this is special. As you may or may not know, I’m still going on my 3.5+ year streak. Another local cacher, Mh171, is celebrating a slightly different streaking milestone: ten years. Yes, you read that right, ten years in a row. I can’t even envision that. I’ve considered making it to four years and then giving up the streak if it gets too difficult, but I can’t even imagine making it all the way to ten years. Then again, I never considered making it this far, so who knows what the future could hold? Either way, I can get myself up a few hours early to give his accomplishment its proper due. At least I hope I can, anyway …

And, unrelated to caching, Happy Pi Day! If you haven’t had pie yet, you need to rectify that ASAP!

3 thoughts on “With Special Guest Star!

  1. My kids lost interest too. My son will occasionally get into it – like when we were in London in 2019 and we went looking for a cache near the Tower of London. My granddaughter is into hiking with one of her other grandparents, and she will go caching with me, but I know it won’t last either.


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