168. Emory, Rains County

Remember I mentioned that I had a couple of friends with ancestors who are namesakes for counties?  Well, here’s the second one.  The courthouse seems tiny, but I like the aesthetic of it.  Something about the wings coming off it sets it apart a bit.  Otherwise another courthouse down.  At this point, the girls decided to start avoiding the heat and began asking to stay in the air conditioning.  Understanding, I started letting them stay in the car while I made finds.  I, too, am no great friend of the Solar Chariot.  Surely, my complaints about the Spear of Apollo would resonate with both my children and my dear readers, no?

I didn’t photograph the cache because it was mundane.  A magnetic something or other on a telephone pole outside the local Agrilife extension.  I don’t usually bother documenting everyday types of caches.  How many photos do you need to see of a micro in a tree?  But sometimes I find myself quickly forgetting them, too.  I remember the telephone pole and the building.  If I focus, I can ever remember finding a thing.  But I cannot for the life of me see it in my minds eye.  I’d be worried about my memory if we weren’t talking about something I’d have seen a hundred times, overshadowed by memory of a place I’d never been before.  Oh, well…  I rejoined my much wiser children in the cool air of the cabin interior and set off again, this time going east and arriving in…

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