120. Eastland, Eastland County

As fate would have it, I have a friend who is an Eastland so, of course, I had to razz him that I was in his family’s county. This was also particularly funny because an ex of his is a descendant of the namesake of another county I haven’t been to yet. So what the heck is it with my friends and their illustrious, county namesake relatives?

The grounds were well littered with monuments (along with the obligatory Confederate marker, of course), but it had nothing on the cache location…

As we all know, there’s always a cemetery. The cache was in the roots of a tree, but what was really interesting was its collection of war memorials.

This place had monuments for every war. Both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam… They had one for Mexico! Not the Spanish-American or the Punitive Expedition, mind you. I mean the Mexican War of 1846-1848! Of course, there are a few Confederate flags dotted about at some of the stones, which is to be expected and about which I’m not enthused. That said, I found this really interesting…

A stone of notables and superlatives in the cemetery. The fact they even thought to note the first black person or Asian or Native American notes a certain amount of interest I would not have expected of such a small town. And not only that…

…they keep a book listing everybody buried there available for anybody to consult. That’s incredibly thoughtful and (speaking as an amateur genealogist) helpful for visitors and researchers.

I’ve seen quite a few cemeteries this far, but I don’t see a lot of truly different ones anymore. Well, this one definitely qualifies as different. So at least I got to see this before I headed back down the road to…

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