121. Stephenville, Erath County

Almost home. The road has definitely exacted its toll. Or maybe the closer I get to home the more I crave it. Either way, I was worn out like you can’t believe. But I still had some work to do.

So, some things are the same, as you can tell. On the other hand…

…it’s a COOWWW!!!

You know, I get that in the Thirties and the Sixties they were putting up monuments to the Confederacy. But 2001? Really? But that’s not even my biggest problem with this. “[O]ne of the most acclaimed fighting forces in military history”? REALLY?!?!? Who do they think these guys were? Gurkhas? Janissaries? Immortals? You know, most military historians (outside the US) consider the Civil War to be giant mobs running around fighting each other (except for Thomas at Chattanooga, but that’s a discussion for a different time) and neither side was particularly known for having elite forces. Of course there’s some bias here, but the armchair historian in me just can’t let this pass.

The cache itself was in a tree in a local park nearby. And I was more than glad to find it. I was knackered and ready to go. I could have hit a couple more counties on the way, but I was done. I hit the road again for the last time that day. And soon enough, I would be home. Be it ever so humble folks… But that said, get ready to jump forward a bit. We’re about go from a month ago to a week ago! Because guess where I was last week? I got on the road early in the morning to go to…

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