Something Old, Something New

This cache has been around for quite a long time, but I’ve only just gotten around to getting it. Behold! My first UV light cache! After all this time, buying that UV light finally paid off! Is there a feeling quite as lovely as vindication? Probably, but vindication will most certainly fit the bill! I’ve been considering playing around with a UV-based cache, but I’m not quite there yet. Give me time, though …

Soon (and by soon, I mean next week), I will be headed to the Texas Challenge. Conroe beckons! As you can imagine, I’ve got plans. I’m hoping to come away from it with the Conroe GeoTour, among other things. I’m thinking I’ll get a bunch of Adventure Labs and some Fizzy-filling caches. I’m captaining Team CenTex again. Dropping Covid numbers have made this a reasonable proposition in my eyes, but I feel totally caught off guard. We shall persevere, however. I’m totally looking forward to the Finishers Reunion. And, of course, it’ll be a nice chance to get out and do the thing I enjoy doing, some of it with people I enjoy doing it with. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you get some taste of it in Friday’s entry before I do the full write-up. It just sucks a little, having to wait another week for it. But I’m almost ready for it! Let’s do this!

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