A Preview

I must apologize that I don’t have any super exciting caches to show at the moment because I did nothing awesome on Thursday, both by accident and by design. The design part was that I got here Wednesday evening, and my hotel didn’t have my room ready (in their defense, I had booked for Thursday arrival), so I had to hang out and sleep in my car for a bit. But having time on my hands, I figured I might as well grab some caches. That means I was pretty tired on Thursday, so I took it easy. The accident part was that I set Cachly to find only D/T 2.0 or less when I went out with all the girls. I forgot to set it back to all D/Ts until I was firmly resting in my hotel room as I was writing this.

At least I was STF (“Second to Find,” for you non-cachers out there [which is truly not a big deal in most cases]) on a trackable hotel on the way to town. That’s nice I guess. I also got an FTF in town when I woke up at an ungodly hour of the morning, but I’ll talk more about that Monday. I had to wrap this one up quickly to start getting ready for my second Event of the day and the weekend. And maybe I grabbed a cache on the way there. There’s just no knowing, is there?

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