Things To Be Thankful For

The last few weeks have been relatively easy for me, cache-wise. The new blood in the region has been placing new caches around town in places I had long since cleared out, especially in areas around my home. It’s been a while since I could snag one on the way home from work without having to drive out to the edge of the city or one of the surrounding areas. Continuing on with another entry in the mural series, I managed to get an FTF. It was easy enough to find because it was almost identical to one of my own more favorited hides. In order to keep my promise, I even gave it a favorite point.

So, it turns out that I was wrong about Connecticut. I thought that their changeover from counties to councils of government wasn’t official until next year. It looks like maybe I was wrong. If so, it might be back on the table this year. Or not. Let’s just say that I was talking with some people, the Northeast came up, I was between meetings at work, did some routing, and I got ideas in my head. I emphasize that they’re only ideas at this point, but they may or may not involve several states, a Mega, my third (possibly fourth) mint, and/or some very large cities. Of course, this is why I don’t usually talk about my plans. I rarely have any idea where I might go or what I might do. This wasn’t even on my radar, and yet…

And those people I was talking with? They were the Scorpion Expeditionary Force! We are tentatively planning another expedition, this time in Williamson County. There’s a bunch of Geoarts there. I’ve even worked some of them a bit, but I’m nowhere near finishing them all, and many of the others haven’t even touched them. We will discuss them more over the weekend, but it looks like a road trip out to Taylor is on the horizon. Of course, I’ll keep you all informed. The game may once again be afoot!

4 thoughts on “Things To Be Thankful For

  1. If y’all need an auxiliary team member, let me know. I’m not that far away probably closer than y’all and I’ve got some of those puzzle solved.


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