All The Fresh Logs

So many murals, so little time. I’ve had quite a number of FTFs over the last week, which is unexpected. I’ve never been an FTF chaser, really. On occasion, when one drops close to home, and I’m feeling like getting off my butt, I’ll go out for it, but normally I only shoot for one FTF per month. (I’ve managed to get one per month since the beginning of the pandemic in 2019). This fits along nicely with the one cache per day I usually grab. How else do you think I’ve managed to keep my streak going? However, I need to do something a little different this weekend. As much as I consider myself a city boy, I might need to get out into the wilderness for a bit. I think I need to do a little cache maintenance out in Smithville, which is beyond Bastrop. Two of my caches out there have gone missing. Realistically, I need to archive one of them. Honestly, it wasn’t well conceived in the first place, and I’m a little amazed that it lasted as long as it has. The other has gone missing before, and had to be moved because its original location, ill conceived as it also was, entirely disappeared. To be honest, I don’t really want to go out there, but that’s the responsibility you sign up for when you hide a cache. They’ve both lasted a year and a half, so I wouldn’t feel put out if they went away.

I might also take a trip down to the Lockhart area. A cache recently showed up near there that caught my attention. Among the many challenges I’ve had sitting around gathering dust, there’s one that I’m “working” that requires finding caches with only numbers or symbols in their names. So, when a new cache called 1854 shows up, my interest is piqued. Maybe one day I’ll finish that challenge, possibly even this year. There are so many challenges I’ve got that could use some work. Some of them I’m pretty sure I’ll never finish. Honestly, when will I find a D5 or T5 Earthcache? On the other hand, one Webcam would complete a lot of challenges for me (no, I don’t feel like going to Mississippi for the closest one right now).

Of course, I may not do any of these things. There’s a theory that when you discuss plans, you create a sense of satisfaction, which saps some of your motivation to do the plan. So maybe I’ll do this stuff, and maybe I won’t. If I don’t, I’ll probably find motivation to do something else. I’ve been doing it this long. I’ll just keep on keeping on.

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