564. Pueblo, Pueblo County (CO32)

Ummm… Holy crap! Congratulations, Pueblo. You obviously win. You win the entire trip. Period. Full stop. What more is there to say about that? In fact, off the top of my head, only Fort Worth and Lake Charles compare. Of course, I haven’t gone through the entire archive, so I’m not taking bets on it or anything. I’d consider putting more brain power to identifying comparable courthouses, but I have other things on my mind writing this. Besides, once I arrived here, I was tired and pretty sapped out from all the driving and counties. I know it’s hard to believe, crunching in all these counties in these long drives takes a toll. This was my fourth day on the road, (4.5 if you count driving all night to make to to Colorado in the first place) and, despite having a good night’s rest in the middle, it wears on you. One day I’ll be able to take a relaxed trip where I do between five and ten counties a day and get a good night’s sleep each night. And that trip could go on for weeks like that, I think. But that would not be this day.

In my youth, Pueblo had always been a weird sort of mecca. You see, the US Government Printing Office is based out of here, so I had seen countless commercials and public service announcements which would tell me that more information about whatever it was could be gotten from X address in Pueblo, Colorado. I always thought, therefore, that Pueblo would be some kind of informational paradise. Alas, it wasn’t particularly. Or, if it was, I had neither the time nor frame of mind to tap into it. What I did tap into, though was a cache that was as advertised: tourist friendly. It was quickly claimed and signed and then I was off again. I like to think that I will return sometime and maybe see what this mythical town (in my imagination, at least) has to offer. But let’s be honest… This was just a momentary pause that I doubt I would replicate. I’ve got too many other places to go and I’ve not been impressed enough to truly want or need to return. I was honestly too drained to feel much of anything else. I descended again (both figuratively and literally, considering the elevation) to my final detour of the trip…

2 thoughts on “564. Pueblo, Pueblo County (CO32)

  1. Pueblo, CO, yes I remember the ads. So when I when there on a fire dispatch assignment I wonder were the place was that sent me all the information. My stay was limited to the Forest Service Supervisor office and Hotel. But between I saw an old town that still had small stores, quilt shop etc. And the Path a walkway down around and back with bridges and underpasses it was very nice. But that was several years ago. Now back to today working fire dispatch for home for Minnesota. Hope the rest of the trip goes great!


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