11. Belton, Bell County


That dashing guy is Peter Hansborough Bell, cavalry officer at the Battle of Buena Vista, third governor of Texas, and namesake of Bell County.  I barely managed to get here before the light was gone.  In fact, I’m amazed I was able to get this shot.  It was just after sundown and the shots from the other side of the building are much darker.  The cache was actually right here at the courthouse, saving me from having to find one in a strange town in the middle of the night.


Of course, I didn’t take much time to hang around, but from a quick walk around the courthouse, this does seem like a funky little town.  A nearby bar was cranking out some live music.  I saw both family types and hipsters milling about.  It seems like an interesting place for a night out.


Of course, some things never change…

So, to sum up the trip:

  • Belton? Might not be a terrible place to see a show or have a beer.
  • Waco?  Gnats.  Everywhere.  Trees.  Town. Everywhere.
  • Me?  I should learn some trees such for the future.

Two hundred miles in five and a half hours.  Not bad.

Sidenote: I had to stop for gas at a Buc-ee’s on the way to Waco.  There were 5 caches waiting there for me.  And I didn’t have time to get them.  And if they had been between Belton and Austin, I would have snagged them on the way home but I didn’t feel like turning back to get them.  And if you don’t know what a Buc-ee’s is, well, I may just have to do a special entry the next time I hit one…

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