12. Marlin, Falls County


So this morning I set off on the road to hit some new counties.  So I set off in a semicircle around the counties east of where I have already been.  That started me off in scenic Marlin.  Well, maybe it was scenic.  I’m not sure.  I wasn’t there very long.

It’s a nice little courthouse square, I guess.  And, of course, there are obligatory monuments and such…


…including Confederate ones.  But I guess it was the time…

As a side note, now that I’ve been to enough courthouses, I’ve noticed the monuments are all so similar.  I’ve seen bells at two or three courthouses as memorials.  I’ve seen the same basic forms of war memorials at many of them.  It’s almost like there’s a Sears catalog for them and someone just picked one or two of the available and and everyone keeps picking the most popular models.


And City Hall is right across the street.  I grabbed the cache, but this wasn’t the only one for today.  I hit the road, despite intermittent rain for…

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