13. Franklin, Robertson County


It’s funny because I rolled into Franklin wondering where the courthouse was.  I looked left and right but couldn’t spot it.  Then all of a sudden, BOOM!  How could I have missed this?  Interesting note: as I was walking around the place, I noticed that the cornerstone was noted as being laid in 2011 (it was also Masonically laid, which is a different interesting).  Apparently, it was fairly recently rebuilt to emulate an 1882 courthouse so this is one I haven’t seen before: a newer courthouse built in a much older style.

So I went for a stroll around the corner to grab a nearby cache.  It had rained both while I was driving there and just before I parked so I was sweating like something that sweats a whole lot.  But it was worth it.


Guess which one is the cache?  I don’t usually like going on private property, but at least it was close enough to the property edge to not have to feel too worried.  That and the light traffic/muggle level made it reasonable.  Log signed, swag traded, water dripping from my brow, I headed back to the car to head off to…

[ADDENDUM] On the way to Franklin, I decided to take a quick side trip to hit a cemetery just off the road.  There were visible livestock and no lines on the road, which are the defining conditions for “beyond [freaking] Egypt”.


Nothing special…  Just a camoed [Noxema?] jar in a crack in a tree.  But it was there and I need cemeteries, too.

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