14. Caldwell, Burleson County


So, the first interesting thing about Caldwell is that, like at least one other courthouse (Williamson County), you could see it from miles away, sitting up on top of its hill.  Secondly, though I drove past more cotton fields than I think I’ve ever seen in my life (Messers Baader and Meinhof were working double duty this time), I saw not a single mention of the Confederacy on the grounds.  Admittedly, I didn’t read all the plaques so I may have missed something, but I’ll let it ride this time.


There was a cache right on the square at a coffee shop.  Again, I was perspiring like it was going out of style because the humidity was up over 9000 again.  Unfortunately, it’s in the courtyard/patio which was closed off (minor geocaching faux pas).  I got a glass of sweet tea (actually, it was just tea that I had to sweeten myself which isn’t sweet tea because chemistry) and asked if I could go out on the patio.  “Oh, are you looking for the geocache?” the owner asked.  After grabbing the cache, we talked.  It turns out that someone who works for a local tourism office set it up to try to draw some people to town for retail and all that good stuff.  I told her about geotours and we talked about other things.  It was a nice talk but soon enough I had to jet.  I sweated my way back to the car and took off for…

5 thoughts on “14. Caldwell, Burleson County

  1. Hi! Sounds like a great time at the cafe. I’m not getting the the Baader Meinhof reference, though. Happy Caching!


    1. A couple months ago I saw a cotton field around here. I knew cotton was grown here, but I never remember seeing it. Since I saw it, I’ve been seeing cotton fields growing everywhere. Truly the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon indeed…


      1. Ah ha! Well, that didn’t come up when I Googled it. I think my Google may be broken. So this is like when your wife gets pregnant, all of a such there are pregnant women everywhere. Or when your infant son is diagnosed with a hernia (needs surgery), and you never heard of it, so you get a second opinion, and suddenly EVERYONE at work knows all about it, ’cause their sons had it.


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