One Foot In Front Of Another

I wouldn’t call myself a souvenir hunter, though I have gathered quite a number of them. I never let one pass me by if it is in view. I’ve brought Signal back to HQ. I was a Peak Performer and an Ultimate Explorer. I walked down Memory Lane, solved the Mystery at the Museum, and attended all the Cache Carnivals. I even found all the Hidden Creatures because that started around the same time I did. I have states, countries, Mega-Events, and Geotours. Since my streak is still unbroken, I have every special day, including a Leap Year souvenir. The only thing I think I’m missing is a couple of the CITO Season souvenirs from when I started but was more reclusive than I am now. Consequently, when Wheel of Challenges cropped up, wanting a hundred caches in four weeks for the top souvenir, I began thinking about it. It was totally doable, basically three to four caches a day until I hit it. On the downside, I have gotten many of the easy caches for quite radius around my home. On the upside, Adventure Labs count, and I haven’t been focusing on them so there are a good handful of series in the area I’ve never even touched. Therefore, I’m probably going to be focusing a lot on Adventure Labs in the next few weeks. It may not be the entire time, though. The Scorpion Expeditionary Force is tentatively planning an excursion to attack a power trail out past Bastrop. A day out there would more than cover the hundred caches and then some, but the word “tentative” is still central here. Until then, I began a couple of days ago with a series devoted to Little Free Libraries in Round Rock. I’m a little behind because weather and real life have gotten in the way, but I hope to head up to Temple and Belton, and down to San Antonio in the next few weeks to scratch the Lab itch.

I also want to take a moment to clear up a silly idea on my part. In my previous entry, I floated some ideas for the real estate that has suddenly opened up in my regional backyard. It turns out that other cachers far more experienced than I at this sort of thing have already expressed intent to use some of it, but that’s not the real issue. I posited the idea of adding a Geoart with 254 caches, each one corresponding to one of the counties of Texas. I totally forgot that such a thing already exists in Grayson County. While I am not above making an homage to an idea, outright copying something is not my proverbial cup of tea. I may have to flex my imagination a bit more to come up with something.

That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled shenanigans.

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