Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is A Mystery

But today I will still not fall into the trap of cute and digestible bon mots.

I received a message from a member of the Scorpion Expeditionary Force.  Many of the Geoarts we had been working near Granger were archived yesterday!  We were crushed!  We had found over five hundred of them in the last few months, but there were another seven hundred that we never got a chance to touch (though I had gotten a bunch of them when they first dropped about three years ago and a few more over the years since then).  How sad.  Some of the others felt it was a little rude, too.  One of the reasons we formed in the first place is because there is a scorpion Geoart and the owner announced that he was going to be archiving it in the coming months.  We gathered to go after it before it went away, and found we enjoyed doing it together.  But the point here (and I do have one) is that people were given warning that this big undertaking was going to disappear, and a chance to enjoy it one last time before that happened.  This, on the other hand, was out of nowhere.  One day there was a tree, and a kite, and a train, and Harry Potter’s glasses (among other things) on the map; the next day there wasn’t.  No words, no warning, no nothing.  Part of me is considering putting some of that newly freed real estate to use.  I have idly considered a power trail devoted to the various Roman and Byzantine emperors, or perhaps a Texas shaped Geoart made of 254 caches, one for each of the counties.  I have also idly considered flying to the top of Mount Everest in a gold-plated helicopter or conducting a book tour through the major cities around the Mediterranean.  While the former idle considerations are more likely to happen than the latter, the deviation between them is not statistically significant.  That’s a long-winded and mathematical way of saying none of those things are likely to happen.  It does however raise the possibility that the CO, who so quickly and callously dropped the old ones, might have some plans brewing for something new.  It’s been a while since there was a serious FTF hunt around here (about three years, in fact).  I have also already heard that there are plans in the works to do something out there, so hope springs eternal!  Right?

2 thoughts on “Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is A Mystery

  1. Happened to me with the towns I need in Vermont. not only were the caches archived, but they were also locked and the person’s account was deleted. It’s a shame because they were a whole bunch of caches involving Revolutionary War History. now there’s one town I need that only has caches that are a hike. I’ll grumble about that for a while…


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