250. McKinney, Collin County

Oh my… Another modern courthouse with an old school aesthetic to it. I still haven’t figured out if it’s the money from being close to Dallas. Maybe something came through and knocked down the old courthouses, which would be a good question I didn’t consider back in Rockwall. I wonder if there’s an old courthouse in the center of town? As I was being routed here, I was wondering where the heck I was going, being sent through all these weird side roads that looked like they were going into the country. Yet it got me here so I guess I can’t complain too much.


The cache was a keybox on a guard rail. Boring, I know, but, again, by any means necessary… Signed, sealed, returned, and then I was off again, thinking about having lunch in…

4 thoughts on “250. McKinney, Collin County

  1. Yep…McKinney, like Rockwall has a courthouse square like you find in smaller cities. The old courthouse is now a historical museum. Think back to downtown Denton. Very similar.


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