249. Rockwall, Rockwall County

Oh my… Look at this beautiful beast! I know this thing must be pretty modern, but I did not expect this. I had assumed that Rockwall was just some tiny little town that had basically been sucked up into the orbit of the greater Dallas megalopolis. All this being said, the county probably does a brisk business in legal matters that people or companies don’t want to take to Dallas for whatever reason. Or maybe they’ve made a killing from taxes thanks to being in orbit. Or maybe it’s for some reason I don’t even know. Whatever the reason, I am impressed.


If I ever had any interest in cool, interesting caches (yeah, I do…), that has become secondary, sitting by the wayside at this point. I am so close to the end I can taste it. At this point, I just want to get it done by any means necessary. So, yeah, an LPC was more than enough. I pulled into the parking lot of a church, did what was required, and got back to going down the road to…

2 thoughts on “249. Rockwall, Rockwall County

  1. There is an older, smaller, and more interesting courthouse in downtown Rockwall. I believe its now a historical museum. Same for Collin County in McKinney.


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