758. Prosser, Benton County (WA25)

A lovely courthouse. I lingered for a few moments, hoping that the model out front would decide to move, but apparently, she decided she needed to read all of Wikipedia at the same time I wanted to photograph. I did this quickly and regretted not getting any of the feel for the locale. My rushing, while helpful for generating counties, has me missing some of the early days when I would take the time to get the feel of a town before setting off again. Of course, I made my choice, and I stand by it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes think about the road less traveled, which is ironic because my choice has meant more road traveled.

Winnfield has pigs, Marysville has squirrels, Sidney has boots, and Prosser has horses!  I saw at least five or six painted fillies on the way in, but they were not impressive enough (nor did I feel the inclination) to photograph so many of them in 103-degree heat.  The spear of Apollo is not something you want to mess around with, kids.  If I wanted to play around in that kind of heat, I could have just stayed home!  Yet play around in it, I did. 

The cache, dedicated to a former local cacher called 5Tucks, was a trackable hotel taking shade underneath some more thrice-darned sagebrush.  A couple of quick pulls on the ends were enough to attain the goal.  I happily took it and returned to the air-conditioned comfort of the car to make the trip to…

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