524. St. John, Stafford County (KS046)

This was an interesting courthouse from a visual perspective! I liked the design of the swept back sides, but I also really like the stonework and engraving. Why doesn’t anywhere do anything like this anymore? Yes, I know the answer is because it’s would be inordinately expensive labor-wise, but it would be lovely to see something like this in something more modern. Then again, at this point I think it’s my official position that it’s better to have something older like this than to have something modern anyway. I get that’s not always a choice. I also get that the needs of the people who live in the county and work in the building override any feeling my touristy person might have.

There’s always a cemetery. The town cemetery has a series of flagpoles, one of which houses a pill bottle. I lifted the proverbial skirt and then got back to rolling again. While I still had a decent amount of daylight to work with still, the sky was beginning to get dark early with storm clouds. They slowly moved in heavy and purple and I was worried that it was going to start pouring any time soon. I was already tired enough of rain. I had hoped to avoid it as much as possible on the way back south. I would be lucky enough to get out of the path of the threatening clouds, arriving to a much bluer sky in…

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