523. Great Bend, Barton County (KS045)

Mister Sawyer, you’ve got some work to do on this! Since I don’t have that intern yet, I did my own research like some kind of plebian or something. Turns out that this is an example of Modern Classical Eclecticism, combining many different styles to create a unified structure. To be honest, I don’t know enough to distinguish the individual styles to tell you which influences are there. Someone smarter than me once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. I find it ironic this comes to mind because I know about writing and music, but so little about dancing and architecture.

I’m always fine to see a monument to the Union because go Union, but I didn’t know who Jack Kilby was. Nobel Prize winning co-creator of the integrated circuit? Co-inventor of the handheld calculator and the thermal printer? How many patents did he have? That’s an interesting and unexpected thing! Everybody comes from somewhere. I wonder how much the county thinks about the fact that one of its scions literally changed the entire world as we know it? And I don’t mean that in the rhetorical, literary sense, either. We’re talking about a change almost on par with the Industrial Revolution, definitely on par with the transistor. There is is a time before the integrated circuit and after, and it all began here.

Benchmarks are not usually a thing I spend a lot of time thinking about. Sure, I occasionally run into them and note them, but I don’t spend any time seeking them out or logging them. In this particular case, though, it was the point. Someone placed a virtual with the express intent to finding the benchmark in the nearby town of Hoisington. It was well obscured (as you can see) in the middle of a flower bed in a local park. I wasn’t some kind of brilliant, perceptive genius, though. The hint gave it away. It was meant to be found. And I’m most certainly not beneath such things. When I’m out on the road, clever puzzles are cute and all, but whatever I can grab is all that matters. As the meme so aptly says, ain’t nobody got time for that… With that, I was ready to continue on. I had begun a descent in the direction of home. The trip was coming to an end, but there still things left to accomplish and the next step was stopping in…

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