522. Russell, Russell County (KS044)

There’s something off about this courthouse to me. I’m not saying it’s bad looking or anything, but it looks like a newer courthouse built to emulate an older style. I can’t be entirely sure, though. I did a quick look around and didn’t see a cornerstone or any sort of date so I think that supports my hypothesis? Or maybe not if I adhere to that entire “scientific method” thing all the kids are talking about. It was a weekday so I could have gone inside and asked, but that smacked of effort. Besides, I’m trying to avoid contact with people (despite evidence to the contrary) so going inside didn’t seem wise if I could avoid it. Besides, the trip there was harrowing enough. I followed the appropriate route and ran into road construction, requiring a quick rerouting. I followed the alternate route to find that the road into town was closed for 6 miles?!?! Really? Are they trying to blockade Russell? Is it being besieged by Mongols or some crap? So I ended up having to take these crazy unpaved back roads to get there. The very drive was exhausting! Since it took forever to get here, I stopped for a virtual on the way, but I can’t show it here because it would give away everything about it. I figured I might as well grab one in town then.

There’s always a…headstone? As you can see, it was a suitably appropriate container near a monument maker. Simple, to the point, and even cute in its own memento mori kind of way. I’ll tell you one thing about caching: thanks to the frequency of caches in graveyards, it often makes one ponder the death, no? But my growling stomach was forcing me to ponder life, more specifically the preservation thereof by consumption of food. I swung through a burger joint and picked some up that I could suck down on the way to…

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