521. Osborne, Osborne County (KS043)

Impressive. It reminds me a little of the old courthouse in Evansville, though on a somewhat smaller scale. I’m curious if this is some kind of architectural revival, but alas, my starter architectural books haven’t answered that one for me yet. Who knew this would be such a difficult subject to research (in my spare time while working, parenting, traveling, writing, and trying to maintain a life)? It didn’t really matter that much because this was going to be a quick stop. I had decided to grab a virtual in town since the Kansas County Challenge was fine with them and I was still coming down off the unexpected high of the previous county. I quickly figured out it was here at the courthouse, proverbially killing two birds with a one proverbial stone. It ironically turned out to be about an architectural feature on the back of the courthouse tower. Apparently a courthouse employee overseeing the project all those years ago was immortalized in the stonework because of his…nosy manner. While I do have a photograph of the feature in question, I have opted not to post it in order to preserve the mystery (and answers) of the virtual. I know I have on several occasions said that I was alright with taking the karma of showing a cache upon myself. Well, my hypocrisy only goes so far. Or some kind of crap like that. I saw it, did my duty, and then got back to rolling again, soon (I had hoped) to arrive in…

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