525. Pratt, Pratt County (KS047)

For some reason, this courthouse reminds me of some of the courthouses in Louisiana, but I’m not entirely sure why. I was tempted to go through the archives and figure out why, but I have a lot of things in my plate at the moment so I don’t really have time for that. Besides, I’ve got to leave something for my one day but currently imaginary research intern to do! That also said, the town and county’s claim to fame is being home of the Miss Kansas Pageant, (not to be mistaken for the Miss Kansas USA Pageant based in Lenaxa). That’s the only fun fact I have about the county, which may or may not be fun depending on how you feel about beauty pageants. Personally, I think they’re a bit silly and pointless and lose lots of points for objectifying women, but they offer educational opportunities for some and gains points since someone can apparently win it for showing science onstage. I think they’re a relic of a bygone age, but I don’t think it’s harmful enough that I feel the active need to abolish it. GWB! Stirring up controversary since 2018!

Once again, there’s always a cemetery. And inside that cemetery there was a tree with a pill bottle contained within it. It was found, signed, and returned before I even got to the courthouse. It doesn’t get much easier than that, now does it? I didn’t think so. So once I was done with the courthouse, I was off again. My claims for this trip were running out. Soon it would be over. There was still driving and work to do, though, and that work continued once I arrived in…

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