Local Caching

So local caching continues apace.  I’m hoping to do a seven county trek down to Corpus Christi sometime before Christmas, but there’s no guarantee that it will happen (keep your fingers crossed, though).  But, as always, Austin has lots of caching opportunities.  The above was a STF for me (Second To Find for those of you who don’t do this [I may add a glossary for those of you who do not cache]) and if you look closely on the right side, you can see my hope (to go to Constantinople).  

This one is attached to a tree limb about six feet above my head.  A friend of mine and I tried climbing on her car, but we couldn’t quite get it so a pseudo-muggle friend of ours (he likes to come cache with us, but has no desire to do it himself) who is skinny went on up the tree limb and popped it open for us.  

This is a locally well known Travel Bug hotel that is owned and tended to by a couple of paramedics.  Along with lots of trackables and whatnots, they also throw in small medical supplies like bandaids and ointments and stuff good for little geocaching boo-boos.  It was deactivated while they did some repairs, but they opened it back up for business and, though I’d long ago logged it, I dropped by to drop a trackable and grab a trackable.  

I’m not going to lie to you…  I don’t remember this one at all.  I think it was a micro in a tree in Cedar Park?

Good old Zilker Park.  The irony is that there’s a virtual here at this statue that is called Philosopher’s Rock.  Those three guys are writers (OK, one’s actually a poet) who used to come here all the time.  This is not the cache I came to get, though.  My daughters helped me find an old fencepost just off a path in the park.  I’ve got to come back for a mystery cache up on a wooded hillside that the girls didn’t want to go get.  So there’s more to look forward to…

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