373. Tribune, Greely County (KS012)

Oh, Mother of Crap, what is that…thing? I’m not going to go so far as to call it a crime against architecture and an affront to courthouses everywhere, but I will most certainly think it. It just makes me…sad. And they built this to replace…

…this lovely creature? I’m sure there were issues of modernization involved and I understand that, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel like sitting in the corner and crying right at that moment. I can’t say whether or not old Horace would have felt the same, but someone back in the mists of Greeley County history chose poorly.

I haven’t been grabbing virtuals for the most part because Oklahoma’s county challenge only takes caches with physical logs. Kansas, on the other hand, has no such stricture, but I’ve still been trying to stick with physical caches lest I make the mistake of grabbing a virtual in the wrong state. I decided to grab a virtual outside of Tribune because it was on the way out of town and I was running short on time, thanks to that damnable Daystar. I didn’t photograph it, though, because, well, that would have given the entire thing away, but there was something very interesting there by the roadside that I’ve never seen before. It was an old virtual, too, so that worked out nicely. If you run into me in real life and ask me about it, I’ll tell you, but I’m not publishing it on an open channel for every Tom, Dick, and Armchair Cacher to see.

With that, I got moving. I worry and complain a lot about burning time and losing time and wasting time, and here I was at the end of the day with just a little time left. Just enough for one more county, which is actually one more county than I had expected to complete. I scheduled a lot of time for Thomas and Cheyenne Counties, so being able to slip in one extra was was a nice bonus. I flew southward, racing the daylight, to try and reach…

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