372. Sharon Springs, Wallace County (KS011)

I’m a little amazed that I could even dictate notes with all the wind blowing everywhere! I mean serious, midwestern hardcore gusting! At one point, the wind blew my car door shut on my leg, leaving me limping around while I did my thing. Some of my dictated notes don’t even make sense because of all the wind my phone picked up. I don’t think I called this courthouse a “class obit,” because a) that doesn’t sound like something I would say and b) I don’t even know what that means. And yet my notes indicate that it is a “class obit,” so I’m sticking with that description. In reality, I thought that courthouse, while not bad looking, was very similar to a lot of the ones I’d been seeing recently, just in beige instead of red. It rated a solid 8.7 out of 17.

The cache was at a local baseball field, still with the wind interfering with my note taking. Speaking to the supercomputer I keep in my pocket need to find cached and the wind would Oberg oh my voice and put in random words, usually with S sounds and Wisen’s. So yes, I did endure my blustery day with the feeling that maybe this town was trying to use some kind of air bending ability to get me to go away or, perhaps, conceal some secret that I might have divulged. I don’t really have a clue, but my business was done here so, as far as I was concerned, Wallace County could keep its secrets. Besides, I had to continue my work in nearby…

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