365. Oakley, Logan County (KS006)

This place literally looks like an elementary school. No joke. It looks like a smaller version of where I went. I can’t say I dig this, but it obviously does the job so I guess I’ll shut my pie hole.

At least there is a cute little pupper out front for adoration (if you’re into that kind of thing, that is), as the kids would say in the parlance of our times. But this was by no means the only statue I saw here in Oakley…

Apparently Buffalo Bill is popular around here. I ended coming here to the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center to find a cache. Credit where credit is due, while I’m pretty sure I would have noticed this majestic hunter closing in on his prey from the road and investigated (seriously, this thing is huge! I’m over 6 feet tall and my head was nostril level with the buffalo), I was pointed here by the one and only Atlas Obscura. After being pointed to it in relation to Cabinetlandia, I decided to start incorporating it in my travel planning. I always complain about not researching an area before arriving there, so the Atlas seems more than complementary to my purposes. It stands to reason that if there’s something interesting out there, there’s probably a cache nearby, yes?

So, as I was saying, I found that magnificent gentleman and his quarry. I also found a film canister in a gap in the retaining wall of the hill their eternally frozen chase was atop. And, of course, all of it was surrounded by corn. I seem to have started giving states their own titles. New Mexico was the Land of Brick and Stucco. Oklahoma has become the Land of Red Earth and Despair (there’s probably not all that much despair, but I believe it is my duty as a Texan to talk a little bit of crap about Oklahoma, as it is theirs to speak ill of us. This is the way). Kansas, somewhat stereotypically, seems to be the Land of Corn and Stuff. If there is a better metaphor for Kansas, I don’t know what it is…

I hit the road once more to fulfil my date with destiny. And once I was done there, I continued on again. I think G.K. Chesterton wrote something to the effect of “the secret to a happy ending is finding a nice place and stopping there.” Well, I met my moment, but I would not stop. And because I would not stop, I ended up reaching…

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