364. Scott City, Scott County (KS005)

Alright, so maybe “wilds” was a little melodramatic. I also realize that I’m starting to get totally jaded about courthouses when I see a beautiful creature such as this one and think to myself how mundane it seems to be. It’s certainly not its fault. I mean, it is similar to some I’d seen the day before and in the past, but that’s no reason to think less of it. Not that I do, I’ve just seen enough like it.

My first attempt at finding a cache was at a brick pile in an alley behind someone’s house. Finding a film canister in a hole in a brick pile in the predawn wasn’t exactly my idea of fun, especially when you’re somewhat time limited. So I drove around the corner for a park and grab at the Safe Child Center. I don’t want to be try and be linguistically clever here as I am sometimes wont, to do, but a broken keybox hidden in a broken lamppost skirt seemed like some kind of metaphor here. Once my work was done here, I got back to moving. Inching ever closer to the cache of caches, I reached the edges of…

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