367. Atwood, Rawlins County (KS008)

Remember what I was saying about clock towers back in Colby? Well, that only really works if there’s an actual clock in the tower, as opposed to a faux clock tower. Perhaps there was one there once and it was removed for some reason and not replaced. And yes it looks nice, but it’s just not the same.

So I went around the corner to grab a cache behind the nearby library and look what I found? I don’t usually want to fiddle around with a gadget cache when I’m out on the road, but why not? It was clever and quite nice even though my first approach to it…

…pouring water into the side to float the bison with the combination, turned out not to be correct. The second approach, pushing in from one side to to force out the side stuffing of marbles, worked like a charm, earning me the smiley for the county.

That said, the description of the cache mentioned that people are accosting the library from time to time for help with the cache. Who is doing that? Are you kidding? Yelling at librarians for not helping with it? What the heck kind of crap is that? First of all, working for the city is a thankless job in the first place, so why are you going to get angry with a civil servant because they’re doing their job and not dropping everything to help you with something that’s totally outside of their balliwick? Secondly, libraries are sacred places and librarians the high priestesses and priests of them, so how are you going to yell at a librarian of all people for any reason, much less because they cannot or will not help with a cache they probably know little about in the first place? Thirdly, these must have been fellow cachers, so now I’m just a little ashamed. Shouldn’t we be representing the hobby? Shouldn’t we leave a good impression so it makes it that much easier for the next person? You’re killing me, Smalls!

So my work here was done (once I got most of the water out of the cache, that is). It was time to move again. Another new vista was about to open for me when I made my triumphant arrival in…

4 thoughts on “367. Atwood, Rawlins County (KS008)

  1. I am currently stuck at home recovering from a broken back and repaired kneecap after a fall. I discovered your blog by accident while planning some caching for as soon as I am again able to be out and about. I had a good laugh when I read this post. We found this cache on November 7 and couldn’t figure out why it was so full of water. I had notified the CO we had replaced the log. I think a couple marbles were missing and the cache didn’t work as it was supposed to. Thanks for the entertainment today. I enjoyed the read and will be back. If you head back this way again to get Haskell County KS send me a message and we could join you for a while. We have a few caches in Sublette.


  2. I’m surprised it wasn’t a premium then. A lot of people make caches premium so newbies to the hobby don’t do things like accost librarians. Can’t say it won’t happen, but people who pay for membership seem to care a little more.


    1. I thought it should have been premium for a minute, too, but reconsidered because A) there aren’t that many caches out there and B) it’s pretty out in the open so it’s pretty easy to find premium or no.

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