368. Trenton, Hitchcock County (NE01)

Oh, Nebraska!

You know what the difference between Nebraska and Kansas is? Nebraska is like Kansas with more hills. Well, as I can tell this far. It’s not like I’m driving deep into the state. That said, coming up to and into Nebraska was nothing but corn fields going up and down. As for the courthouse, it was a plain building for plain folks. It certainly does the job, but gets no extra points for being architecturally interesting. I get the feeling that the county jail is right next to it based on the wall with the razor wire connected right next to the courthouse.

One of the good things about small towns is that an in town cache (if there is one) is close by. The cache was in the gazebo at this quaint community park. Normally, I don’t think I would give away that much information about the location, but there’s five or six things up in those rafters and it took me quite a while to figure out which one was my target. But figure it out I did and, once it was signed and returned, I had little reason to stay. That’s why I made all haste to get to…

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