369. Benkelman, Dundy County (NE02)

Much better. This is much nicer than the last couple of courthouses I visited. That said, it was really weird seeing some kids playing around the courthouse, and then stop and stare at me as I drove up and parked. I’m not used to being an oddity like that. Turned out that the guy who mows the grounds was mowing and his kids came along with him while he worked. That, at least, answered that.

As for the cache, well, Custer was here. Yes, folks, the one and only cavalry master, Indian fighter, and all around hardheaded egotist George Armstrong Custer apparently camped here. Sure, it’s hardly something of note, but it was enough of a thing to put a marker here. And if it’s important enough for a marker, it’s probably suitable enough for a cache! As you can see, it was a quick park and grab bison. I parked, grabbed, and then started making my way out of Nebraska. I had hoped to grab a cache with the state’s name in the title because, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere before, I’m working a challenge that involves getting caches with the names of all fifty states, of which I only have fifteen. I’m pretty sure I’ll make my way back at some point, so I don’t think it’s going to be that big an issue. Absolute worse comes to worst, I can always do the series in San Angelo that has all the state names, but I’d rather make them more organic finds. But that’s neither here nor there. After spending a few minutes on one of those terrible roads that brought me into the state, I opted to turn around and stick to major roads to get to…

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