439. Bedford, Grant County (OK33)

Alright, so maybe we’re getting a little bit of a diminishing return courthouse-wise. It’s not bad at all, but I don’t feel close to what I felt for the last few. Maybe because it’s a little more modern or something like that? Or perhaps I’m getting used to the courthouses here, having seen so many in such a short time? As a sidenote, it was also windy as heck out there. I’d been getting buffeted by winds for a few hours, providing the force for the cold to slice through me. I could especially feel it while driving, which is rare when I’m on the road, but it was constantly pushing me left and right as I’d been going between counties. Not enough to run me off the road or endanger me, of course, but certainly enough to annoy the crap out of me.

May I also note the Pioneer Memorial here on the courthouse grounds. Part of me feels weird about honoring people who stole or squatted on land belonging to native peoples. Heck, even the Supreme Court has confirmed that much of Oklahoma is still part of the Creek Reservation by treaty (check out McGirt v. Oklahoma). All that said, though, these people came out to the middle of nowhere with their families and little else, and built something. There’s something to be said for that.

The cache, as you can barely see, is a keybox on a storage shed. Now, I’ve got a few problems with this cache. It’s rated as a 1/1, but it’s not a 1 Difficulty because there was an attempt to hide it, and it’s not a 1 Terrain because someone in a wheelchair couldn’t get this, even with a hook and pole or a waldo. More importantly, it’s really close to someone’s house, probably belonging to the homeowners because it’s painted in the same color as the house. So I was probably on private property, fiddling with someone’s stuff. It’s been a while since I mentioned this, but situations like this worry me. If I had realized what this was before I got here, I wouldn’t have gone for it. The only reason I continued was because connectivity was bad and I couldn’t load any cache details, only locations thanks to a list screwup. But I was there and did what needed to be done as quickly as possible and was on my way to…

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