438. Newkirk, Kay County (OK32)

You know something, Oklahoma? You do pretty good when it comes to courthouses sometimes! I also notice that you’re building an annex over there. It’s too early to tell, but I’m hoping that they build something that is a reasonable aesthetic match and not some modern monstrosity that is totally functional but kills the visual vibe. That would make me sad.

The cache, however, was about as obvious as it gets. I don’t see a lot of obvious, more public caches out here on the road. Of course, there’s the entire secrecy/hiding thing that is part and parcel of geocaching, but sometimes it’s nice to see something nice like this, presenting itself to the world. It’s quite lovely, and I ended up giving it one of my stingily hoarded favorite points. And the Internet was still terrible! Delorme guides have been a godsend ever since I bought one for when I was still working Texas. Since then I’ve picked up five others (Oklahoma included, obviously) and every one of them has served me well on multiple occasions. At least at this point I don’t forget to bring them anymore. If I had forgotten, I don’t know how I would have gotten to…

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