Location Scouting

So I spent a day finding coordinates for a multi I’ve been working on. I originally envisioned an involved multi for beginners because every multi seems to be either incredibly simple or incredibly hard. Each waypoint is a bit different and something a beginning cacher can handle. However, as it kept unfolding, I realized two things: there were a lot of waypoints covering a lot of distance and the final cache would most certainly NOT be a beginner cache. I’m leaning towards calling it 3.0/3.0 or somewhere thereabouts. It runs a bit counter to my original concept, but it is becoming. As a further note, none of the photos in this post will be related to my multi. This is a great chance to feature some photos I’ve just never shown.

As part of the multi, I have to make containers. One will be a cap & cap in a tree. One will be an old fashioned lightpost. One will be an ammo can, but I’m rethinking it at the moment. I’ve seen giant PVC tubes with things in them painted in camo and hidden in the forest, but only in videos, never in the wild. I’m thinking that since these are only redirectors, maybe an ammo can is pointless for that. Besides, having one of these would be pretty cool, I think. I also need to mix some concrete in a bucket as part of the final. I had originally been hoping to have this ready for Christmas, but I have a bit more to do than I expected. I might be able to complete it by New Year’s, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll play it by ear and hope.

Lastly, if nothing weird or untoward happens, just after the New Year I should be making a trip down to Corpus Christi. It’ll be a one-day (I’ve begun planning trips as one-days or two-days) covering 8 county seats. After the last trip, I think I’ve learned a few lessons that will make this trip better, including having picked up a Delorme Guide and trying to get to my starting point even earlier than dawn so that I might be able to have extra time on the trip.

And REALLY lastly, I hope all of you reading this had a wonderful Christma-Hanu-Kwanza-Ka or whatever other holiday tradition you celebrate around this time of year. I hope the family was loving (if you like family), home was warm (if you like heat), and the presents are what you want (because everyone likes presents).

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