I Got A Package!

So remember I mentioned doing a Secret Santa thing? Well, I got a package in the mail from Virginia! A little hiding kit of my own! The travel bugs were somewhat expected. I’m sure they’re flying around like nobody’s business. The magnetic nut cap is a cool little thing and the Bison is nice, especially since I ordered some Bisons from a Chinese company at the beginning of November and they STILL haven’t showed up yet… But the real bit of awesome is the puzzle canister. It’s 3D printed and has a great plantlike exterior (and came with the Bison in it), but, even more importantly, it made me wonder why I hadn’t checked out Thingiverse for for printable caches. They have entire Cryptexes available! I have friends with 3D printers and have long considered getting one myself. That and I realize that the nut cap would actually be really easy to make myself.

To sum up: the bugs are nice, the containers are cool, but most importantly, I’m realizing I could make some of these myself and it’s got me thinking. So for the stuff and the ideas, thanks!

Merry Christmas all of you! I hope you all have good times, good cheer, and the love of friends and family!

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