I Feel Like I’m Cheating

For those of you who have been following my exploits for all this time, you may have noticed that I have a specific publishing schedule: when I have new counties, I publish every weekday and when I don’t, I publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Well, today’s entry is, well, a bit of filler sort of. I did caching over the weekend, but I have nothing super interesting or exciting to talk about cache-wise. I have no new insights and musings with which to pithily play. Real life intrudes to prevent the most interesting things from happening so I have little new to report. The one above? Well, there’s always a cemetery. This one is one at a cemetery I’ve visited many times. I’ve been picking up the multiple caches contained therein one by one from time to time to maintain my 673 day streak.

This is one of my daughters at the largest squirrel statue in the world! No, there wasn’t a cache there, though there used to be. She and I took a trip to Bastrop (the next county over) to get some exercise and a cache (which I forgot to photograph) and we decided to check out the squirrel (and the pecan based gift shop attached) on the way back. While this may technically qualify as unnecessary travel, we both took good precautions and it was a fairly short distance. Sometimes you’ve got to stretch your legs a little so you don’t go stir crazy.

I missed this FTF by about 20 minutes. Kudos for being a good urban-ish hide in what is obviously an area surrounded by muggles (as evidenced by the houses across the street). Somehow two cachers managed to beat me to it, and I saw no sign of them in the flesh. Bummer, but better in this day and age.

So, yeah… Filler. But here’s the crazy thing… Next week, unless something crazy happens, I will be publishing entry #400. I had originally planned for it to be last week, written about some county in Oklahoma (probably Atoka, if you must know), but thus is life in the time of cholera. Let’s see if I can come up with something interesting to write about…

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