Ecce Silva

The parks are packed these days. Everyone is getting out to them to use them for exercise. It’s really the only thing we’re supposed to do so everybody is doing it. This, of course, creates the interesting problem that they may or may not be getting packed enough to become their own hot spots for contagion, but I saw the majority of people social distancing, wearing masks, or both so I guess I’m not too worried about it. That, and Austin is taking this pretty seriously overall. But this also means that park caching is a bit difficult these days. Everywhere is overrun by muggles! Why does any of this matter? Because I needed a cache for the day a couple of days ago so I decided to get one I’d been meaning to go after for a long time in a park (the same park, coincidentally, where this one is). It’s an unknown that’s one of the oldest in town, and the only real question about it is why it’s an unknown instead of a traditional. They make light of that in the cache description, though, so I’ll give them a pass. It’s also supposed to be a coin exchange. People are supposed to bring foreign coins to trade out with other foreign currency. Of course when I found it, no coins were contained within.

So I added some to go along with the new log. About a year ago, a friend of mine took a trip to Greece with some of his students and he was kind enough to bring me back some Greek Euros. I’ve been carrying these little buggers around with me all that time in expectation of finding this cache. Alright, I talk about it like it some kind of hardship. They sat at the bottom of my caching bag until now, but I like the way I said it. Sounds more grand (or some kind of crap like that). And I went home triumphant. Of course, the next day, I needed a cache, too. So I popped over during lunch. There’s a virtual at one of the trail bridges and I wanted something that I could grab quickly, muggles or no. I did the thing…

…and took a few moments to enjoy the view. And a lovely view it was.

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