Diametrically opposed to DNF Day is FTF Day. So here’s the thing… I’m not an FTF chaser, but if a cache drops within a couple miles of home, odds are pretty good that I’m going to go for it, especially if I haven’t gotten one that day. Add in that I’m working from home and those good odds become an almost certainty. So when a new one dropped in the middle of my morning duties a mile and a half from home, you can bet that I was going to go for it. I took an early lunch and popped over to a little triangle park in a nearby neighborhood. There, on the birdhouse post (not really a spoiler) was a bison hanging on a bolt. Well, it was probably hanging on a bolt. I found it on the ground. It was claimed and returned for the day’s FTF. Or so I thought… Imagine my surprise when my workday was winding down and I get a message from a fellow cacher asking if I want to go after a couple of FTFs.

Recently the endlessly clever and indefatigable LadyBlackCat placed a series along trail in Georgetown (actually, she’s been responsible for at least a few trails in the area and several caches that even I have lauded with my stingily hoarded favorites). It’s been picked over by some of the city’s most aggressive cachers, but somehow a couple of caches escaped their notice, probably because there were so many that anything other than an immediate find was left for later. So when work was done, I headed out to Georgetown and went for a walk. Ended up grabbing a couple other caches while I was out there and could have done more, but I didn’t feel like walking the entire 13 miles of trails. Maybe one day, but not that day. But it did give me two more FTFs, giving me quite the unexpected caching day. Clever and cute finds. The Cat doesn’t get the credit she deserves because she’s relatively quiet and unassuming, but deserve it she does. People like her make it possible for people like us to do what we do.

And brings us to quiet(-ish) places like this.

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