260. Bastrop, Morehouse Parish (LA06)

Now this is a courthouse. It’s not exactly the southern gentility of Homer, and it has a touch of the high school hybrid look about it, but this is still a thing and I like it. May I also say that I’m astounded by the complete lack of Confederate iconography. This is what? The third in a row without any? Alright, maybe not, but I expected much more than there is. It doesn’t look like anything has been removed recently. Maybe my assumptions about entering the deeper South have been misguided. I’ll be happy to say that I was wrong, but it’s early yet. There are a lot of parishes and counties yet so let’s see what comes.

Of course, considering it was Memorial Day weekend, this is only fitting.

The cache itself was simple enough: a bison in a bush at the local library. I ended up adding a fresh log and Robert was my mother’s brother. Unfortunately, I had a different issue to face. The weather was getting worse. Luckily, there was a bit of a break in the rain to allow me to find the cache, but it was coming back and with it was word of tornado watches in the coming parishes. I agonized over it a little because I was so far out here, but I ultimately decided to start turning back. As far as I had gotten, I still had to remember that he who caches and runs away will live to cache another day. No, I wasn’t driving into a tornado watch. So I started making my way down to I-20. That way I could get away from the area quickly and still have some good places to hit on the way. Besides, my chuckling at the town’s sister had run its course at this point. Consequently, my next stop would be in…

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