261. Monroe, Ouachita Parish (LA07)

Again, that’s a courthouse. I nod approvingly upon it. There is no ambiguity about its purpose (especially not with the big letters that say “Courthouse” spelled across the top). I wish it was open so I could go poke around inside, but this was not the day for that.

Behind was a square, shared between the courthouse and a church hospital. Quite nice. It was a great little place to have lunch or to meet with a date or something similar. But, then again, I wonder at the wisdom of political and religious sharing of property like this? Then again, this may have been like this for hundreds of years for all I know. Further, the church was flying both American and POW/MIA flags. Doesn’t that seem a bit overtly political for a church? I don’t know. I’m just a visitor here.

I came to cache. And the search for a cache led me to this alley filled with small galleries and art to get a cache called (aptly enough) Art Alley. A quick search ultimately revealed a bison jammed into a crack between two buildings. I signed and returned it with a minimum of soaking from rain and then got back going again (after a quick stop for food) to get to…

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