262. Ruston, Lincoln Parish (LA08)

This is an alright building. Yes, it looks like a high school, but it’s still nice. I’m also running into a bit of a conundrum… I never really thought about how much I write about the grounds of courthouses and these I’ve been running into have been messing me up. If there’s nothing there, what is there to talk about? It’s not like I’m an architect and can speak to the design and history of each one. That said, one day, I might just go back and research the history of each one and compile it. Of course, others have probably done a better job and all that research might get in the way of my caching so I’ll probably just let it go. But if I had world enough and time…

The cache was merely an LPC behind a Walgreens a couple of blocks from the courthouse. That said, it was right by a tree with perhaps the biggest magnolia blossom I’ve ever seen. I never see ones like this at home because Texas isn’t half made of water like Louisiana is, and I know this is prettier than a metal skirt so you get this instead. Regardless of what is photographically archived, I got moving again, soon landing in…

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